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Work with Us

Current Opportunities

We continue to recruit meritorious individuals with a strong passion for molecular parasitology and pathogen-host interactions as research associates, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral scholars holding a fellowship (CSIR-NET-JRF, DBT-BET-JRF, DST-INSPIRE, ICMR-JRF etc.). We also support the early-career fellows, such as DBT-Wellcome Trust (India Alliance), Ramalingaswami, and Ramanujan. You can submit your "single-file" application containing a cover letter, CV, academic transcripts and two references via Email.


Know Your Group

  1. The world-class BSL2 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instruments

  2. On-demand support of technical assistant, research associate and lab coordinator

  3. Mandatory 3-6 months international research visits to our collaborating partner labs

  4. Unrestricted 24/7 hands-on access to an outstanding central analytical facility


Know Your Workplace

  1. Extremely structured mentoring program with periodic internal and external reviews

  2. Streamlined academic enrichment and development programs for PhD scholars

  3. Swift access to biological resources, thanks to a local presence of international vendors

  4. Highly efficient environment essentially free of routine administrative challenges

  5. A fully residential campus with ambience, beauty, serenity, greenery and vibrancy


What We Seek

  1. Outstanding motivation and dedication to basic and translational research

  2. Ability to work and cope with a 'truly international' environment in our group

  3. Strong desire to ponder and perform 'beyond feasible', and 'enable the unable'

  4. Conform to the highest standards of bioethics and code of conduct in Science

  5. Commitment to nestle in teamwork and communicate fairly and transparently


Pre-Joining Advisory

  1. Get inspired by watching the British biographical theatrical movie 'Radioactive'

  2. Read the original version of 'Freakonomics' by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt

  3. Explain your prospective research project to your parents and grandparents

  4. Visit a neighbourhood school/kindergarten to rediscover your childhood curiosity

  5. Take a day off to imagine yourself in an 'unimaginable' environment


Post-Joining Advisory

  1. Connect intimately (to the best of your ability) with the workplace

  2. Set ambitious and well-defined but realistic research objectives for yourself

  3. Avoid the five Ds (Distraction, Denial, Defiance, Delays and Dejection)

  4. Communicate with (not to) your colleagues in the lab and others around you

  5. Talk periodically with your friends and family to explain your work progress




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