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Major Instruments @iPEARL

Zeiss Axio Observer

ZEISS Axio Observer 7, is a microscope designed for live cell imaging.

ID5 Multimode Plate Reader

The Spectramax ID5 from Molecular Devices is a versatile and high-performance multi-mode microplate reader.

Countess II Cell Counter

Countess III Cell Counter is an automated cell counter that allows for the rapid and accurate counting of cells.

Azure 600

Azure 600 is a biomolecular imager from Azure Biosystems which is capable of capturing high-resolution images of biomolecules.

Guava Muse Cell Analyser

The Guava Muse Cell Analyser is a benchtop flow cytometer.

Cytoflex Cell Analyser

The Cytoflex Cell Analyser is a high-performance flow cytometer that allows for the analysis of multiple parameters in single cells or small particles.

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